Get Prepared for Neo Champions Pink, Leaf, and Blue in Pokémon Masters EX


The famed trio of Trainers from Pallet City are celebrating the four-year anniversary of Pokémon Masters EX with dapper Neo Champion outfits and legendary new Pokémon companions! These next-generation Champions additionally boast EX roles, a further function that may be unlocked after a sync pair is raised to six★ EX!

Pink is completely acquainted with the trail to turning into the perfect, so he seems proper at house in his Neo Champion outfit alongside the chilly Legendary Pokémon Articuno. Pink (Champion) & Articuno are a strike sync pair that may decrease the Ice Sort Rebuff of their goal twice every battle with their Shimmering White Snow passive ability—as soon as with their first use of an assault and as soon as with their first use of their sync transfer. They’ll then put opponents on ice with their buddy transfer, Frozen Wings Ice Beam, which is assured to depart its goal frozen.

  • Hala & Crabominable
    Pink (Champion) & Articuno can deal lots of injury on their very own, however Shimmering White Snow permits different icy Pokémon to hitch in on the snow day. There are a plethora of Ice-type strike sync pairs to select from, however Hala & Crabominable can actually carry the ache with Ice Hammer. Collectively, these two sync pairs can create an avalanche of harm to shortly and simply carry down opponents that may’t deal with the chilly. Hala & Crabominable can be found to scout from the overall pool of 5★ sync pairs, in addition to from the 5★-Assured Ticket Scout and the 5★-Assured Alola Ticket Scout.

  • Melony & Lapras
    Offense-focused sync pairs typically want help within the protection division, and Pink (Champion) & Articuno are not any exception. Melony & Lapras can elevate the Sp. Def of all allied sync pairs by two stat ranks with I Received’t Maintain Again!, smoothing over Pink (Champion) & Articuno’s defense-related deficiencies. Their G-Max Resonance can pack much more of a punch after Pink (Champion) & Articuno’s passive has lowered a foe’s Ice Sort Rebuff. That max transfer additionally applies each the Bodily Injury Discount and Particular Injury Discount impact to the allied discipline of play for added fortification. Melony & Lapras can be found to scout from the overall pool of 5★ sync pairs, in addition to from the 5★-Assured Ticket Scout and the 5★-Assured Galar Ticket Scout.

Leaf is popping up the warmth together with her fiery Neo Champion outfit and brand-new Legendary Pokémon accomplice, Moltres. Leaf (Champion) & Moltres are a Fireplace-type tech sync pair with the Sky-Illuminating White Blaze passive ability, which lowers the Fireplace Sort Rebuff of their opponent the primary time Leaf (Champion) & Moltres use a standing transfer and the primary time they use their sync transfer. Additionally they excel at weakening their foes due to their Love of Pallet passive ability, which reduces their goal’s Assault, Sp. Atk, and Sp. Def by one stat rank when Leaf (Champion) & Moltres use their standing transfer.

  • Silver & Ho-Oh
    Silver & Ho-Oh are a strong Fireplace-type strike sync pair that advantages tremendously from partnering up with Leaf (Champion) & Moltres. A lowered Fireplace Sort Rebuff permits Sacred Fireplace, Overheat, and Energy-Hungry Sacred Fireplace to hit even more durable. Overheat positive factors much more energy due to Leaf (Champion) & Moltres’s Love of Pallet passive ability. Moreover, Leaf (Champion) & Moltres’s buddy transfer, Fiery Wings Flare Blitz, makes the climate sunny the primary time it’s used, additional boosting Silver & Ho-Oh’s Fireplace-type strikes and activating their highly effective passive expertise. Silver & Ho-Oh may be acquired after finishing Pure Hearts and Rainbow Wings within the Legendary Adventures portion of the principle story.

  • Blaine & Rapidash
    Leaf (Champion) & Moltres can do loads on their very own, however Blaine & Rapidash can actually make them shine. Sunny Day can shortly flip up the warmth of Fireplace-type assaults whereas concurrently activating Leaf (Champion) & Moltres’s Group Photo voltaic Immunity passive ability, which protects all their allies from standing circumstances. Blaine & Rapidash can be found to scout from the overall pool of 4★ sync pairs in addition to from the no-cost Day by day Scout.

Get charged up with Blue’s snazzy Neo Champion outfit and thundering Legendary Pokémon accomplice, Zapdos. Blue (Champion) & Zapdos are an Electrical-type help sync pair whose Roaring White Lightning passive ability reduces the Electrical Sort rebuff of foes as soon as after Blue (Champion) & Zapdos use an assault transfer for the primary time and as soon as after they first use their sync transfer. Their Satisfaction of Pallet passive ability additionally ups all allies’ Protection and Sp. Def by one stat rank when Blue (Champion) & Zapdos’s assault is profitable.

  • Hau & Raichu
    Blue (Champion) & Zapdos’s Glory of Management! Coach transfer raises the critical-hit fee of all allied sync pairs by three stat ranks, the Sp. Atk of all allied sync pairs by as much as six stat ranks, and the Particular Strikes ↑ Subsequent impact of all allied sync pairs by two ranks—and Hau & Raichu’s Thundershock, Discharge, and Countless Summer time Gigavolt Havoc all profit from these results. With Blue (Champion) & Zapdos’s Roaring White Lightning additionally lowering an opponent’s Electrical Sort Rebuff, Hau & Raichu can deal much more injury that a lot sooner. Hau & Raichu may be acquired after finishing Chapter 11 of the principle story.

  • Volkner & Luxray
    Teaming this Electrical-type tech sync pair up with Blue (Champion) & Zapdos makes your Electrical-type workforce a fair higher drive. Volkner & Luxray’s Electrical Terrain will increase the injury of all Electrical-type assaults, together with Blue (Champion) & Zapdos’s Discharge and Identify-Echoing Thunder. Although Blue (Champion) & Zapdos don’t deal lots of injury, firing off their assaults will herald the advantages of their Satisfaction of Pallet passive ability. These protection boosts add up! Luxray & Volkner can be found to scout from the overall pool of 5★ sync pairs, in addition to from the 5★-Assured Ticket Scout and the 5★-Assured Sinnoh Ticket Scout.

Have a legendary good time, Trainers!


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