Pokémon TCG Charizard ex Deck Technique: Tera Kind Techniques

By Xander Pero, Contributing Author

The Scarlet & Violet—Obsidian Flames growth has reintroduced type-shifted Pokémon into the Pokémon TCG for the primary time since Delta Species Pokémon first ran amok within the EX Delta Species growth. This time round, type-shifted Pokémon are shining shiny as Tera Pokémon ex…however with a key distinction from their Delta Species counterparts. Within the case of Tera Pokémon ex, assaults are fueled by Vitality matching their conventional sort, fairly than the kind they’ve shifted into. On the forefront of those type-shifted Pokémon is none aside from the Darkness-type Charizard ex, a strong card with an aesthetic that’s harking back to the basic Charizard Star from the Dragon Frontiers growth however boasting a particular sort of firepower that’s all its personal. Let’s study extra in regards to the power of Charizard ex and tips on how to begin your infernal reign.

There are a couple of the explanation why Charizard ex is robust. To start with, its Darkness typing can hit well-liked highly effective contenders corresponding to Mew VMAX and Gardevoir ex for Weak point, leading to simple one-hit Knock Outs. And in contrast to Pokémon VSTAR or Pokémon VMAX, Charizard ex evolves from Charmander and Charmeleon, which surrender solely a single Prize card. Lastly, Charizard ex has a cumbersome 330 HP, that means that almost all decks can’t Knock Out Charizard ex in a single assault. With a robust preliminary setup, Charizard ex can run away with the sport earlier than different decks actually have a likelihood.

Regardless of all that, Charizard ex does have its justifiable share of weaknesses. As is all the time the case, Stage 2 Pokémon require extra work to ascertain than less complicated strategies of Evolution. If you happen to can’t discover Uncommon Sweet plus Charizard ex in a well timed method, you’re in for a nasty time. Furthermore, Charizard ex’s assault must ramp up harm to Knock Out high-priority targets. In contrast to different decks, Charizard ex doesn’t have an inherent technique to repair poor math if an assault is simply wanting a Knock Out. Different well-liked decks have playing cards that supply this type of harm flexibility, corresponding to Energy Pill in Mew VMAX decks and Sableye’s Misplaced Mine assault in Misplaced Zone-oriented decks.

This is a pattern record for Charizard ex:

Now, let’s dive into how this deck capabilities. Now we have our important attacker, Charizard ex, alongside its two sidekicks Arceus VSTAR and Pidgeot ex. Anybody aware of these playing cards could be anticipating how it will work out: Arceus VSTAR’s Starbirth Means can be utilized to arrange Pidgeot ex, whose Fast Search Means can discover a piece to arrange Charizard ex. If Uncommon Sweet or an out to Charizard ex is already in hand earlier than Starbirth, then a board of Arceus VSTAR, Charizard ex, and Pidgeot ex is totally arrange on flip two! With Charizard ex’s Infernal Reign Means, we will energy up Arceus VSTAR or Charizard ex and start attacking.

This combo is extraordinarily highly effective—when it may be pulled off. In reality, it’s why Arceus VSTAR and Pidgeot ex are included within the first place. Utilizing that mixture, now we have each the explosiveness of a second-turn Starbirth, in addition to the longevity of Fast Search all through all future turns. If an opponent decides to chase after Pidgeot ex, they aren’t coping with our important attackers, so it’s a helpful state of affairs both approach.

Radiant Charizard and Mew each fill a sure area of interest. Mew can enhance the percentages of the second-turn combo by offering an out to Uncommon Sweet or Extremely Ball. Radiant Charizard can even fulfill the Radiant Pokémon slot and might shut out the sport similarly to Charizard ex. With Selection Belt, Radiant Charizard can swing for 280 harm, which is the proper quantity in opposition to most Pokémon VSTAR.

Relating to Trainers, we will see wholesome counts of Merchandise-based Pokémon search playing cards. Hottest decks are outfitted with 4 copies of Battle VIP Cross, and this one is not any completely different. Assuming we began with both Arceus V, Pidgey, or Charmander, Battle VIP Cross can fetch the opposite two Primary Pokémon within the trio. That is particularly highly effective when going first, because the opponent may not have the ability to Knock Out one on their first flip. On high of that, 4 copies of Extremely Ball, Uncommon Sweet, and two Nest Ball contribute in direction of total consistency in establishing Stage 2 Pokémon.

The remaining Merchandise playing cards can flip the tide of battle with a well timed Fast Search. Tremendous Rod, Misplaced Vacuum, and Escape Rope will be particularly helpful with good timing to take away opposing win circumstances. For instance, Tremendous Rod and Escape Rope may help arrange one other attacker or transfer a trapped Energetic Pokémon when Fireplace Vitality is operating low. Misplaced Vacuum can be utilized offensively or defensively to take away an opponent’s Pokémon Device. Nonetheless, it’s possible you’ll find yourself utilizing it as a further out in opposition to Path to the Peak usually, as that card shuts down all of your highly effective Skills.

Furthermore, Vitality Band and Selection Belt repair can push an assault’s harm over the sting to choose up a Knock Out. Selection Belt may help Arceus VSTAR and Radiant Charizard attain 230 and 280 harm, respectively. Vitality Band can even assist Charizard ex attain 220 or 280 harm in opposition to pesky Pokémon ex that don’t take elevated harm from Selection Belt. Importantly, these can each be discovered with Fast Search, in any other case it will be a lot tougher to make use of them successfully.

The Supporter playing cards deal with our Stage 2-oriented technique. Colress’s Experiment is a most popular different to Professor’s Analysis, as a result of with it, discarding vital items corresponding to Uncommon Sweet or Charizard ex will be prevented through the hunt for the second piece. Iono additionally doesn’t discard playing cards, that means that undesirable Fireplace Vitality goes again into the deck for Infernal Reign. It additionally supplies good late-game protection in opposition to opposing massive hand sizes. Boss’s Orders wants no introduction—it’s a great card!

Jacq is a distinct segment Supporter card akin to the Adventurer’s Discovery frequent in different Arceus VSTAR decks. If Arceus VSTAR is in play, combo items in hand aren’t wanted to arrange Pidgeot ex and Charizard ex! If Jacq and Uncommon Sweet are grabbed with Starbirth, Jacq can then be used to seek for Charizard ex and Pidgeot ex, Uncommon Sweet to evolve into Pidgeot ex, Fast Seek for one other Uncommon Sweet, then we will lastly evolve into Charizard ex. Every of those sequences could appear to be lots, however you may get the hold of it with follow.

The final key aspect of the Coach playing cards is the Stadiums. Having sufficient Stadiums to take away Path to the Peak from play is vital because it shuts down the deck’s core technique and Vitality acceleration capabilities. Artazon can help within the preliminary setup, which is arguably an important a part of the sport. Then, Magma Basin can present late-game help in powering up Radiant Charizard with out the usage of Infernal Reign. In any case, its impact may not be utilized in each sport, but it surely serves as a further counter-Stadium to take out Path to the Peak.

Let’s check out Vitality. Contemplating that the primary attacker makes use of and accelerates Fireplace Vitality, eight must be sufficient to final the sport (with the occasional assist of Tremendous Rod). Having two Double Turbo Vitality is attention-grabbing, although: it supplies the insurance coverage of a second-turn Trinity Nova in case Charizard ex can’t be arrange. Think about what would occur if we solely performed Fireplace Vitality—we would want to arrange Charizard ex on flip two to assault with both Arceus VSTAR or Charizard ex. Nonetheless, Double Turbo Vitality will be manually hooked up to Arceus VSTAR twice as a fallback. In fact, its harm shall be diminished by 20, however which will or could not matter relying on the Defending Pokémon. Any assault is best than no assault!

Listed below are a couple of tricks to keep in mind when enjoying the deck.

  1. Both Arceus VSTAR or Charizard ex can be utilized to assault firstly of the sport, though Arceus VSTAR is preferable. In contrast to in different decks that embody Arceus VSTAR, Trinity Nova isn’t the primary methodology of Vitality acceleration. Due to this, it is very important ensure a Charizard ex is saved to be used later within the sport. If solely Charizard ex is used to assault, then it may not be potential to arrange a 3rd Charizard ex if the primary two are Knocked Out. Lead with Arceus VSTAR, nonetheless, and solely two Charizard ex will have to be arrange.

  2. Attempt to purchase playing cards with Colress’s Experiment or Mew earlier than utilizing Fast Search, since you would possibly discover what you’re on the lookout for naturally utilizing both of those strategies. This isn’t all the time the case with Iono as a result of the unique hand is misplaced. If Uncommon Sweet is useful however Charizard ex is required, it might be higher to make use of Fast Search to seize Charizard ex earlier than enjoying Iono. If not, there’s an opportunity neither Uncommon Sweet nor Charizard ex shall be drawn with Iono, and due to this fact attacking shall be inconceivable.

  3. Except they’re wanted to arrange, save Stadiums or Misplaced Vacuum as counters to Path to the Peak. Artazon is a helpful Stadium for organising, but when the required Primary Pokémon are already in play, then placing it in play might be helpful for the opponent. Furthermore, if the opponent performs Path to the Peak and it may well’t get replaced, then vital Skills corresponding to Fast Search, Infernal Reign, and Starbirth can’t be used. Weigh the professionals and cons earlier than placing a Stadium in play.

  4. If you happen to’re simply wanting Knocking Out the Energetic Pokémon, look to make use of Boss’s Orders to maintain taking Prize playing cards as an alternative. For instance, let’s say the opponent has an Energetic Giratina VSTAR and has taken two Prize playing cards. An assault with Burning Darkness would solely hit for 240 harm, which doesn’t Knock Out Giratina VSTAR. Wouldn’t it’s good if an opponent solely had two Prize playing cards remaining in order that Burning Darkness would hit for 300 harm? Properly, play Boss’s Orders to Knock Out Giratina V or another Pokémon, then if the opponent Knocks Out Charizard ex, come again with one other Charizard ex and Knock Out the Giratina VSTAR.

A key think about Charizard ex’s power is its versatility. Right here, I’ve determined to deal with it as the primary attacker, however Infernal Reign can speed up Vitality to any Pokémon. To that finish, embody different Fireplace-type or Colorless-type attackers. A number of you would possibly wish to strive are Volcarona V, Delphox V, Wyrdeer V, and Snorlax. Remember that Charizard ex can also be a useful attacker. If the attacker being accelerating to is price lower than Charizard ex, it could be higher to place these Vitality on Charizard ex and assault with it as an alternative. Burning Darkness is robust by itself!

Charizard ex is a strong drive to be reckoned with. With its massive HP complete, sturdy assault, and advantageous typing, it may well overwhelm many well-liked decks within the Commonplace format. It may also be extremely enjoyable to arrange your full board on flip two utilizing Starbirth, Fast Search, and Infernal Reign. If you happen to’re on the lookout for a easy but efficient deck to choose up, then give Charizard ex a strive!

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