Wecatch new release 4.3.9

Wecatch is one of the most popular pokemon go radars worldwide which allows you to search for your favorite Pokémon all over the world

But that’s not all since it also allows you to use the radar to find poke stops with the missions you want, specific raids and special missions that is also easy to use.

Wecatch is an apparently Asian application which is updated from time to time as there are updates in pokemon go as in this case version 4.3.9 was

This version was recently added which is the latest and you can download from the following link:

It is always important to have wecatch updated since if you do not have the latest version installed it is very likely that the app will not work as it should

Remember that it is completely free and you can download it and start using it right away so its usability is very good.

The generation VIII pokemon are already in the app’s search library as well as the raids and mega-incursions for when they are needed,

So don’t think about it anymore and go download it because it will be very helpful

This app works only for Android systems and is recommended to complement any other fly system such as PGSHARP

Remember that you can also find the POKEMON NEST LOCATIONS HERE 👇👇