Get Down with Adaman (Particular Costume) & Ursaluna in Pokémon Masters EX


Dance-loving Trainers are internet hosting an occasion to welcome the Frontier Mind Dahlia to Pasio. Whereas looking for extra members, Tierno, Fantina, and mates come throughout Adaman and Irida struggling to deepen their bond with their new Pokémon companions. On the dancers’ urging, the Diamond Clan and Pearl Clan leaders don trendy new outfits and try to attach with the hearts of their new Pokémon via dance. Learn how these Trainers from way back step into the fashionable period throughout Costume Occasion: The Energy of Dance.

Adaman (Particular Costume) & Ursaluna are a Floor-type strike sync pair that thrive below strain. They haven’t one, not two, however three passive expertise that make them stronger once they’re affected by a standing situation. Burning Dance powers up Adaman (Particular Costume) & Ursaluna’s strikes once they’re affected by a standing situation and retains burns from lowering their Assault. Outrun 3 costs the transfer gauge quicker once they’re bothered with a standing situation, and Standing Cond: S-Strikes ↑ 9 powers up their sync transfer when affected by standing circumstances.

However how usually will Adaman (Particular Costume) & Ursaluna be affected by a standing situation? Each battle, because of their Coach transfer, Instances Are Altering! This transfer raises Adaman (Particular Costume) & Ursaluna’s Assault by six stat ranks and their critical-hit charge by three however leaves them burned—completely setting them up for reckless success with their hard-hitting buddy transfer, Hazy Headlong Rush, which might solely be used as soon as they’re burned.

For extra particulars on this sync pair’s passive expertise and strikes, try Adaman (Particular Costume) & Ursaluna’s in-game sync pair scout display. Adaman (Particular Costume) & Ursaluna can be found to scout from March 13, 2024, at 11:00 p.m. PDT to April 2, 2024, at 10:59 p.m. PDT.

Skyla & Swanna

Adaman (Particular Costume) & Ursaluna pace up the transfer gauge with their passive ability Outrun 3, however nonetheless want additional Velocity assist to maintain up with the calls for of their buddy transfer. Skyla & Swanna are one of the efficient assist sync pairs in the case of elevating their allies’ Velocity because of their Coach transfer Take Flight!, which raises the Velocity of all allied sync pairs by two stat ranks. In addition they have Potion to prime off Adaman (Particular Costume) & Ursaluna’s HP as they take injury from a standing situation, equivalent to being burned. Skyla & Swanna could be acquired after finishing Chapter 5 of the principle story.

Courtney & Camerupt

The vast majority of Adaman (Particular Costume) & Ursaluna’s injury comes from their buddy transfer, Hazy Headlong Rush, and sync transfer, Moonlit Strikes Floor Affect. Each strikes do Floor-type bodily injury, and thus enhance in energy when Courtney & Camerupt lay down a Floor Zone utilizing Floor Want—making the 2 sync pairs a robust mixture. In addition they share the Floor theme ability, granting them bonuses when paired collectively. Courtney & Camerupt can be found to scout from the overall pool of 5★ sync pairs, in addition to from the 5★-Assured Ticket Scout and 5★-Assured Hoenn Ticket Scout.

Keep grounded, Trainers!


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