Get Going with Chase & Pikachu in Pokémon Masters EX


Tright here’s a time trial occasion occurring on Pasio, and everybody desires to show they’ve acquired the velocity to be primary. Elaine is eager on taking part, and proper on cue, her hometown good friend Chase arrives to affix her crew. Learn the way all of it goes down and tackle the problem your self throughout Time Trial Occasion: Let’s Go for Quantity One!

Chase & Pikachu are an Electrical-type assist sync pair with Coach strikes and passive abilities that may actually electrify their allies. Their Kanto Evaluation Coach transfer will increase all allies’ Particular Strikes ↑ Subsequent impact by one stat rank and applies Kanto Circle (Particular) to the allied area of play. Kanto Circle (Particular) powers up all allies’ particular assault strikes and particular sync strikes, and reduces the harm allies take from particular assault strikes and particular sync strikes. These bonuses get even higher with every further sync pair with the Kanto theme talent in your crew!

In case you’re searching for much more protection, Chase & Pikachu have you ever lined with their passive talent T-Transfer: Workforce Pace ↑ & Evasiveness ↑ 9, which raises the Pace and evasiveness of all allied sync pairs by one stat rank every time Chase & Pikachu use a Coach transfer. Between two makes use of every of X Sp. Atk All, Kanto Evaluation, and Let’s Go, Everybody!, Chase & Pikachu can totally elevate the Pace and evasiveness of all allied sync pairs to make battles a breeze.

For extra particulars on this sync pair’s passive abilities and strikes, take a look at Chase & Pikachu’s in-game sync pair scout display. Chase & Pikachu can be found to scout till February 19, 2024, at 9:59 p.m. PST.

  • Giovanni & Mewtwo
    Giovanni & Mewtwo are one of many strongest sync pairs in Pokémon Masters EX because of their highly effective sync grid tiles, equivalent to Brainteaser, Smarty-Pants, and Essential Strike 3. They will additionally elevate their very own important hit-rate with their Coach transfer, Nowhere to Disguise! Nonetheless, this formidable sync pair usually requires a assist sync pair who can elevate their Sp. Atk—and that’s the place Chase & Pikachu are available in!

    Chase & Pikachu’s X Sp. Atk All raises the Sp. Atk of all allied sync pairs by two stat ranks with every use, which suggests they will elevate Giovanni & Mewtwo’s Sp. Atk by a minimal of 4 stat ranks. Each sync pairs additionally share the Kanto theme talent, enhancing the bonuses from Chase & Pikachu’s Kanto Circle (Particular), thus permitting Giovanni & Mewtwo to do much more harm.

    Giovanni & Mewtwo may be obtained after finishing Lurking Shadow within the Legendary Adventures portion of the primary story.

  • Blue & Pidgeot
    Nothing says energy fairly like Pallet City. Blue & Pidgeot are a particular strike sync pair and one of many first sync pairs to affix you in your Pokémon Masters EX journey. Whereas Blue & Pidgeot can elevate their very own Sp. Atk as much as 4 stat ranks with X Sp. Atk, the additional assist from Chase & Pikachu’s X Sp. Atk All will get them up and attacking at most energy that a lot sooner. In addition they have the Kanto theme talent, making Chase & Pikachu’s Kanto Circle (Particular) much more efficient.

    Blue & Pidgeot may be obtained from the trial scout after finishing Chapter 1 of the primary story.

Sustain the nice tempo, Trainers!


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