Put together for a Snowdown with Grusha & Cetitan in Pokémon Masters EX


Grusha is the coolly collected Gymnasium Chief of Glaseado Gymnasium, well-known for being a professional snowboarder earlier than his present function on Glaseado Mountain. He might put up a chilly entrance, however the facade rapidly melts as battles warmth up. Now he finds himself on Pasio, and regardless of all of the enjoyable, he’s nonetheless vulnerable to freezing up when discussing his previous. See how Grusha handles a impolite reminder of who he as soon as was in Story Occasion: Sub-zero—My Previous, My Future?

Grusha & Cetitan are an Ice-type assist sync pair who concentrate on defending their allies and placing again at their opponents with the power of an avalanche. Their buddy transfer, Absolute Zero Ice Avalanche, has Grusha & Cetitan take up a defensive posture—this nullifies any assault focusing on Grusha & Cetitan. As soon as Absolute Zero Ice Avalanche nullifies a transfer, Grusha & Cetitan strike again for double Absolute Zero Ice Avalanche’s energy whereas reducing the goal’s Assault and Sp. Atk by three stat ranks apiece.

This sick-nasty sync pair isn’t nearly placing opponents on ice. Grusha & Cetitan can begin an arctic beatdown all whereas supporting their allies with one fast use of Let’s Cool Down! This Coach transfer turns the sector of play into an Ice Zone—which powers up Ice-type assaults—and raises the Protection and Sp. Def of all allied sync pairs by two stat ranks. Whereas Grusha might have a cold status, he’s clearly keen to assist anybody scale the battlefield’s many peaks.

For extra particulars on this sync pair’s passive expertise and strikes, try their in-game sync pair scout display. Grusha & Cetitan can be found to scout till February 10, 2024, at 9:59 p.m. PST. Should you’re eager on scouting one other Gymnasium Chief from Paldea, Iono & Bellibolt can be found to scout till January 31, 2024, at 9:59 p.m. PST.

  • Pryce & Dewgong
    Grusha & Cetitan can increase the defenses and critical-hit fee of their allies, so that they accomplice properly with most sync pairs, however Ice-type strike sync pairs have essentially the most to realize from Grusha & Cetitan’s Ice Zone. Pryce & Dewgong’s Ice Beam, Icy Wind, and sync transfer—Winter’s Lesson Aurora Beam—are all Ice-type assaults that do elevated harm when the sector of play is an Ice Zone. Additionally they profit from Grusha & Cetitan’s Dire Hit All + since their very own Dire Hit will be sluggish.

    Pryce & Dewgong will be acquired after finishing Chapter 8 of the principle story.

  • Hala & Crabominable
    Like Pryce & Dewgong, Hala & Crabominable are an Ice-type strike sync pair whose Ice-type strikes do elevated harm because of Grusha & Cetitan’s potential to arrange an Ice Zone. Hala & Crabominable’s Ice Hammer and Abominable Ice Hammer are already hard-hitting strikes, however you may by no means have an excessive amount of energy! Grusha & Cetitan can additional assist Hala & Crabominable by elevating their critical-hit fee with Dire Hit All +. Hala & Crabominable can increase their very own critical-hit fee with Dire Hit +, however the sooner they will begin swinging the Ice Hammer, the higher.

    Hala & Crabominable can be found to scout from the final pool of 5★ sync pairs, in addition to from the 5★-Assured Ticket Scout and 5★-Assured Alola Ticket Scout.

Keep frosty, Trainers!


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