High Aggressive Playing cards within the Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—Paradox Rift Growth


By Ellis Longhurst, Contributing Author

It’s time to reign victorious with playing cards from the Pokémon Buying and selling Card Sport: Scarlet & Violet—Paradox Rift growth. This set consists of highly effective new Pokémon, together with 20 Pokémon ex, that can add one other dimension to your gameplay. The debut of two new sorts of Pokémon—Historical and Future—brings loads of thrilling methods to discover, a few of which can destine the present prime decks to the historical past books. Learn on to seek out out which playing cards from the Scarlet & Violet—Paradox Rift growth will form the way forward for the Pokémon TCG.

Iron Palms ex has some of the thrilling assaults of any Pokémon within the Scarlet & Violet—Paradox Rift growth. Hype surrounds this Pokémon’s Amp You Very A lot assault, which does 120 injury and takes a further Prize card if the opponent’s Pokémon is Knocked Out. Longtime followers of the Pokémon TCG are remembering the affect of Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX’s Altered Creation-GX assault and are predicting that Iron Palms ex would be the wave of the longer term.

Iron Palms ex matches like a glove into any archetype that may indiscriminately speed up Vitality playing cards to Pokémon in play and might embrace a minimum of one Lightning Vitality card. Don’t be stunned to see this Future Pokémon on the battlefield alongside Miraidon ex, Charizard ex, Lugia VSTAR, or in Misplaced Field decks.

High Trainers foresee the success of Iron Palms ex within the Chien-Pao ex / Baxcalibur deck, specifically. Baxcalibur’s Tremendous Chilly Potential can connect a number of Fundamental Water Vitality to Iron Palms ex in a single flip, and Lightning Vitality could be searched from the deck through the use of the brand new Earthen Vessel Merchandise card, which is accessible by way of Irida (who can even discover Baxcalibur). On condition that Amp You Very A lot, Chien-Pao ex’s Hail Blade, and Radiant Greninja’s Moonlight Shuriken can take a number of Prize playing cards in a single flip, this deck may win a battle in simply 4 turns. You recognize what they are saying—many palms make gentle work.

The existence of this Future Pokémon is ready to shake up the metagame. Trainers who use Lightning-weak Rule Field Pokémon for help, like Squawkabilly ex, Lumineon V, and Pidgeot ex, should adapt their decks or their playstyles, or they danger giving up three Prize playing cards to a single Amp You Very A lot. Decks that take time to arrange, like Gardevoir ex, or that depend on low-HP Pokémon, like Misplaced Field decks, can even wrestle in a world dominated by Iron Palms ex as a result of they will not depend on a good Prize commerce. The deck that greatest clicks with Iron Palms ex may have the remainder of the competitors beneath its thumb.

Iron Valiant ex is light-years forward of the competitors. When this Future Pokémon strikes from the Bench to the Lively Spot, its Tachyon Bits Potential permits Trainers to place two injury counters on one of many opponent’s Pokémon. With 4 Iron Valiant ex in play, Trainers can place as much as eight injury counters on the opponent’s Pokémon from their very first flip of the sport. That’s sufficient to Knock Out Fundamental Pokémon like Frigibax, Charmander, or Comfey—generally earlier than the opponent even will get to have a flip! It may dissuade gamers from selecting to convey decks with Evolution Pokémon to battle.

Any deck that’s laser-focused on Iron Valiant ex might want to embrace a great deal of playing cards with a switching impact, corresponding to Escape Rope, Jet Vitality, or the brand new Professor Turo’s Situation. As a Future Pokémon, Iron Valiant ex can even use the brand new Future Booster Vitality Capsule Pokémon Device card to retreat at no cost and do 220 injury to the opponent’s Pokémon with Laser Blade. For added help, the brand new Xatu would be the good companion Pokémon for Iron Valiant ex. Its Clairvoyant Sense Potential allows Trainers to speed up Fundamental Psychic Vitality to Iron Valiant ex and draw additional playing cards.

Trainers who aren’t ready to do such fast math can utilise Iron Valiant ex in a supporting position in present archetypes. For instance, this Future Pokémon may characteristic in Misplaced Field decks to extend the variety of injury counters on the opponent’s Pokémon and arrange shock multi-Prize Knock Outs with the brand new Technical Machine: Devolution Pokémon Device card. Additionally it is logical to play Iron Valiant ex with Speedy Strike Urshifu VMAX to arrange extra alternatives for Knock Outs with Medicham V’s Yoga Loop assault.

Iron Valiant ex has the potential to change up the metagame, however time will inform if Trainers have the braveness to convey this Paradox Pokémon into battle.

The introduction of Roaring Moon ex to the Pokémon TCG is historical past within the making. This Historical Pokémon has an assault that can Knock Out any opposing Lively Pokémon in a single hit. Not solely is that this an environment friendly approach to take care of Pokémon like Charizard ex which have an virtually insurmountable quantity of HP, but it surely’s additionally a fast approach to flip the tide of a battle by punishing the overcommitment of sources onto one Pokémon by the opponent. The caveat is that when Roaring Moon ex makes use of Frenzied Gouging, it does 200 injury to itself.

Permit me to impart some historical knowledge. When staring down Pokémon with fewer than 220 HP—or Pokémon like Gardevoir ex and Mew VMAX which have Weak spot to Darkness-type Pokémon—taking a Knock Out with Calamity Storm is a a lot safer possibility. Trainers can even future-proof their Roaring Moon ex by rising its hit factors to 290 with the brand new Historical Booster Vitality Capsule.

No matter which path Trainers select to take, Roaring Moon ex requires three Vitality to launch an assault. Happily, there are Coach playing cards that may speed up Darkness Vitality to Roaring Moon ex, thereby enabling it to assault as early as the primary flip of the sport when going second. The outdated favourite Darkish Patch Merchandise card attaches a Fundamental Darkness Vitality card from the discard pile to a Darkness-type Pokémon on the Bench, whereas the brand new Supporter Card Professor Sada’s Vitality attaches Fundamental Vitality from the discard pile to 2 Historical Pokémon. Attaching one Vitality card per flip is so final century.

This methodology of Vitality acceleration depends on getting Darkness Vitality into the discard pile. A number of in style methods to realize this are probably by using Earthen Vessel, as a result of it requires little funding and you’ll search the deck for Vitality playing cards, and Radiant Greninja’s Hid Playing cards Potential, as a result of you may discard an Vitality card to attract as much as two playing cards. Trainers might also embrace the PokéStop Stadium card to attempt to discard Darkness Vitality and procure Merchandise playing cards like Darkish Patch. And notice {that a} Stadium card should be discarded from play to maximise the injury carried out by Calamity Storm, so together with Stadium playing cards in a Roaring Moon ex deck is crucial.

Roaring Moon ex may gain advantage from battling alongside different Darkness-type mates each outdated and new. Galarian Moltres V from the Pokémon TCG: Sword & Defend—Chilling Reign growth does a formidable 190 injury to the opponent’s Pokémon with its Aura Burn assault. Utilizing its Direflame Wings Potential, it will probably energy itself up or speed up Vitality into play to be transferred to Roaring Moon ex by way of an Vitality Change. The brand new Morpeko has an Potential that removes its Retreat Value, which makes it the proper Pokémon to put within the Lively Spot whereas a Roaring Moon ex is being powered up on the Bench by Darkish Patch. Morpeko can even Knock Out low-HP Pokémon whereas conserving Vitality playing cards.

Time will inform if Roaring Moon ex turns into a roaring success or a footnote in historical past.

Fans of Metallic-type Pokémon will really feel like they hit the jackpot with Gholdengo ex. This Stage 1 Pokémon ex has a low-cost assault that gives an enormous payout. Make It Rain does 50 injury to the opponent’s Lively Pokémon for every Fundamental Vitality card discarded from the hand. Discarding six Vitality will Knock Out most Pokémon V and Pokémon ex in a single hit, however even fewer are required to Knock Out Pokémon like Chien-Pao ex which have a weak spot to Metallic-type Pokémon.

You could have an oz of doubt concerning the sustainability of this technique. Discarding so many playing cards from the hand means there won’t be many sources to work with on the next flip. Happily, Gholdengo ex’s Coin Bonus Potential attracts as much as two playing cards per flip, and this may be repeated for every Gholdengo ex in play. Trainers can be certain that they get most worth out of Gholdengo ex by placing them into play as shortly as potential by taking part in the Jacq Supporter card or the brand new Technical Machine: Evolution.

To collect Vitality playing cards into the hand, potential Gholdengo ex deck builders ought to look to spend money on the Woman Supporter card, the Letter of Encouragement Merchandise card, or Earthen Vessel. As well as, Eldegoss’s Cotton Carry Potential allows Trainers to go looking the deck for 2 Vitality playing cards, and Bibarel’s Industrious Incisors Potential attracts as much as 5 playing cards per flip. Get well Vitality Playing cards from the discard pile with Superior Vitality Retrieval and Vitality Retrieval. With all these sources out there to Make It Rain again and again, Gholdengo ex will turn into a prime deck—do you assume I’m on the cash?

Counter Catcher is a blast from the previous that’s set to trigger havoc sooner or later. This Merchandise card has a easy however extremely highly effective impact: change in one of many opponent’s Benched Pokémon to the Lively Spot. Having the ability to manipulate the opponent’s aspect of the battlefield could be extremely disruptive to their technique. Boss’s Orders, which has the identical impact, has been performed to nice success in aggressive play. To play Counter Catcher, there’s a catch—how thematic. That’s, the consumer should be behind in Prize playing cards.

Given the quick tempo of the Pokémon TCG within the current, Counter Catcher supplies an avenue to take again management of the sport for decks that sometimes have a slower setup. Evolution decks like Gardevoir ex will embrace a minimum of one copy of this Merchandise card as a result of they typically fall behind in Prize playing cards early within the sport and might dig by the deck to seek out particular playing cards by an Potential-based draw engine. Counter Catcher additionally matches notably nicely in decks like Charizard ex or Chien-Pao ex that may seek for particular Merchandise playing cards by Supporters like Arven or Irida. Out of the blue, a spread of Supporter playing cards in every deck can turn into a pseudo Boss’s Orders.

Counter Catcher is an Merchandise card, which implies Trainers can additional disrupt the opponent by taking part in Supporter playing cards like Choose, Iono, or Roxanne throughout the identical flip. Traditionally, comparable combos have enabled management archetypes to thrive. Maybe Counter Catcher and the brand new Luxurious Cape Pokémon Device card would be the closing items {that a} Snorlax management deck must catch the highest aggressive decks unaware. Don’t rely it out!

These are simply a number of the astonishing playing cards that one can find within the new Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—Paradox Rift growth. With over 180 new playing cards to gather—together with 20 brand-new Pokémon ex—there are many different thrilling combos and methods to discover. Get able to step into the way forward for the Pokémon TCG!

Ellis Longhurst
Ellis Longhurst is a contributing author for She has been competing in high-level Pokémon TCG tournaments since 2006 and creating written content material for the Pokémon group since 2011. Now she brings some Australian flavour to the Play! Pokémon commentary groups on the Worldwide and World Championships.

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