Prime New Pokémon for Regulation Set E VGC Battles


By Lee Provost, contributing author

As of October 1, 2023, the Pokémon Video Sport Championship sequence is transitioning into Regulation Set E. With the introduction of the Pokémon showing within the land of Kitakami in The Hidden Treasure of Space Zero Half 1: The Teal Masks, Trainers will discover themselves in an expanded format brimming with new and returning Pokémon to form their methods.

Simply as Regulation Set D introduced vital modifications to the battles on the World Championships in Yokohama, Japan, the most recent regulation set introduces a plethora of Pokémon—each contemporary and acquainted—to the aggressive scene. Battles on this format are simply getting began, so let’s put together by delving into a number of the most promising decisions which might be poised to form the evolving panorama of Regulation Set E.

Kind: Grass
Key Strikes: Ivy Cudgel (Grass), Encore, Observe Me, Horn Leech, Spiky Protect, U-turn
Frequent Held Objects: Focus Sash
Most well-liked Capacity: Defiant / Embody Facet

Ogerpon is a newly found Pokémon in The Teal Masks, sporting the thematic Teal Masks Type as its default look. As a pure Grass kind with the Defiant Capacity, this type additionally has Grass as its Tera Kind. Ivy Cudgel is Ogerpon’s signature transfer—you’ll possible see it utilized by every of the Masks Pokémon’s types—with its typing decided by the masks it holds. In Ogerpon’s Teal Masks Type, Ivy Cudgel is a potent Grass-type assault with a excessive critical-hit charge. Upon Terastallizing, Teal Masks Ogerpon’s Capacity modifications to Embody Facet, granting it a Pace increase each upon activation and reentry into battle.

Teal Masks Ogerpon’s exceptional Assault and Pace stats make it a beneficial addition to many groups in Regulation Set E. It outpaces vital threats beforehand seen in Regulation Set D, equivalent to Speedy Strike Urshifu, and might deal lots of harm with its Grass-type strikes. Moreover, its assist strikes like Observe Me can defend ally Pokémon, notably towards common threats equivalent to Amoonguss, which depends on Spore to place opposing Pokémon to sleep. The Defiant Capacity, which Ogerpon has on this kind earlier than Terastallizing, helps counter Intimidate-based methods, equivalent to those who use Therian Forme Landorus, Gyarados, and Hisuian Arcanine.

Whereas Teal Masks Ogerpon might not be probably the most favored selection early within the Regulation Set E format, it has benefits that set it aside from its different types—most notably, not having to decide to a particular held merchandise helps present flexibility in workforce constructing.

Kind: Grass/Rock
Key Strikes: Ivy Cudgel (Rock), Observe Me, Horn Leech, Knock Off, Play Tough, Stomping Tantrum, U-turn
Frequent Held Merchandise: Cornerstone Masks
Most well-liked Capacity: Sturdy /Embody Facet

When Ogerpon dons the Cornerstone Masks, it transforms right into a Grass- and Rock-type Pokémon with the Sturdy Capacity. Its Ivy Cudgel assault likewise turns into a Rock-type transfer. With Rock as its Tera Kind, Cornerstone Masks Ogerpon’s Capacity shifts to Embody Facet when it Terastallizes, offering a Protection increase each upon activation and at any time when it returns to the sphere after switching out.

Though not the commonest selection among the many Masks Pokémon’s types early in Regulation Set E, Cornerstone Masks Ogerpon’s Ivy Cudgel excels as one of many solely 100% correct Rock-type assaults seen in aggressive play, making this type a potent menace towards Flying- or Ice-type Pokémon.

Cornerstone Masks Ogerpon gives interesting offensive capabilities as a Grass- and Rock-type Pokémon, particularly alongside different sturdy protection strikes like Stomping Tantrum, Play Tough, and Knock Off. This mixture grants it a singular set of resistances and weaknesses whereas enabling it to hit most opponents for supereffective harm. The added sturdiness when it Terastallizes allows an efficient defensive pivot—notably with Observe Me towards Fireplace- and Flying-type assaults which will turn out to be extra prevalent in Regulation Set E to counter opponents equivalent to Sinistcha and Ogerpon’s different types.

Nonetheless, it’s important to notice that the inflow of Grass-type attackers on this format might pose a big problem for Trainers trying to maximize Cornerstone Masks Ogerpon’s potential. Because the metagame unfolds, Trainers might want to devise inventive methods to harness the strengths of this type for it to compete alongside its masked counterparts.

Kind: Grass/Water
Key Strikes: Ivy Cudgel (Water), Encore, Observe Me, Horn Leech, Knock Off, Spiky Protect, Swords Dance, U-turn
Frequent Held Merchandise: Wellspring Masks
Most well-liked Capacity: Water Soak up / Embody Facet

Wellspring Masks Ogerpon has emerged as a well-liked selection within the early phases of Regulation Set E. Its Grass and Water typing gives a balanced method to each offense and protection towards frequent threats. Ogerpon’s entry to Observe Me enhances its supportive capabilities, taking full benefit of its Water typing to frustrate key opponents equivalent to Speedy Strike Urshifu. Encore additionally sees some utilization, providing strategic prospects to supply allied Pokémon room to arrange.

Ogerpon’s Wellspring Masks Type not solely gives a stable basis for protection and assist but in addition boasts spectacular offensive potential. With entry to bodily Water- and Grass-type assaults, it could actually successfully dismantle many opposing groups.

Wellspring Masks Ogerpon turns into a pure Water-type Pokémon when it Terastallizes, and its Embody Facet Capacity grants it a Sp. Def increase that may reactivate as soon as it returns to the sphere after switching out.

Generally paired with Tornadus for Tailwind assist and Chien-Pao for its Swords of Damage Capacity, Wellspring Masks Ogerpon can turn out to be a direct menace that Trainers might want to reply. Doing so turns into even harder when Encore provides it the choice to disrupt opponents who attempt to out-stall the onslaught, giving it room to additional increase its harm with Swords Dance.

As with its Cornerstone Masks Type, Wellspring Masks Ogerpon does want assist towards the Grass-type threats which might be changing into extra outstanding underneath Regulation Set E, since they are going to be proof against each Grass- and Water-type harm. Will probably be far tougher for this Grass- and Water-type Pokémon to successfully leverage Terastallization in comparison with its counterparts.

Kind: Grass/Fireplace
Key Strikes: Ivy Cudgel (Fireplace), Observe Me, Horn Leech, Knock Off, Spiky Protect, Swords Dance, Wooden Hammer
Frequent Held Merchandise: Hearthflame Masks
Most well-liked Capacity: Mildew Breaker / Embody Facet

Ogerpon’s Hearthflame Masks kind stands as one of many extra common decisions within the preliminary phases of Regulation Set E. Hearthflame Masks Ogerpon positive aspects Fireplace typing and the Mildew Breaker Capacity. Ivy Cudgel turns into a robust, single-target, bodily Fireplace-type assault, and upon Terastallizing, Hearthflame Masks Ogerpon receives an Assault increase by means of Embody Facet. Whereas it retains entry to strikes like Observe Me and Spiky Protect, it primarily focuses on offense, not like a few of its counterparts. Usually paired with Chien-Pao to boost its attacking energy, the Hearthflame Masks Type is a meta-defining Pokémon in Regulation Set E. Ogerpon’s Mildew Breaker Capacity additionally permits it to bypass sure opposing Skills, equivalent to Heatran’s Flash Fireplace, guaranteeing Ogerpon can nonetheless hit them with its Fireplace-type assaults.

Hearthflame Masks Ogerpon excels when backed by the assist of Pokémon that know Pace management strikes like Tailwind or Icy Wind, very like the extra offensive variations of Ogerpon’s different types. An intriguing improvement to observe for is its potential partnership with Iron Bundle, which may ship offensive protection towards opposing Water sorts through Freeze Dry. Iron Bundle may use Icy Wind for important Pace management, particularly if it’s holding the Booster Power merchandise to lift its highest stat (ideally, its Pace stat). This tactic permits Ogerpon to behave earlier than its opponents, offering it a chance to unleash devastating assaults.

Kind: Grass/Ghost
Key Strikes: Calm Thoughts, Hex, Matcha Gotcha, Rage Powder, Shadow Ball, Energy Sap, Trick Room
Frequent Held Objects: Focus Sash, Leftovers, Sitrus Berry
Most well-liked Capacity: Hospitality

Sinistcha is one other Pokémon that was newly found in Kitakami. This Grass- and Ghost-type Pokémon makes for a flexible supportive choice. Its distinctive Capacity, Hospitality, heals an ally by 1/4 of their most well being when Sinistcha enters battle. Sinistcha’s broad pool of utility strikes contains Trick Room for slower offensive methods, Energy Sap for restoration, and a signature transfer, Matcha Gotcha, that offers Grass-type harm to each opponents whereas therapeutic Sinistcha for 50% of the harm dealt—on high of a 20% likelihood to burn its targets.

Trainers in search of a extra egocentric Sinistcha technique can think about Calm Thoughts as an choice that may increase its personal Sp. Atk and Sp. Def, permitting it to pose a better offensive menace whereas nonetheless supporting allies.

Total, Sinistcha is shaping as much as be top-of-the-line new Pokémon obtainable in Regulation Set E. It has good typing, respectable offensive strain, and even stable Pace management. Sinistcha seems to be particularly highly effective when paired alongside Iron Fingers, which may present Faux Out assist and superb bulk. This mixture is certain to thrive underneath Trick Room’s twisted dimensions.

Kind: Regular/Floor
Key Strikes: Blood Moon, Calm Thoughts, Earth Energy, Hyper Voice
Frequent Held Objects: Leftovers, Life Orb, Throat Spray
Most well-liked Capacity: Thoughts’s Eye

Ursaluna’s Bloodmoon Type, launched in The Teal Masks, gives a particular new offensive menace. Its Capacity, Thoughts’s Eye, permits it to hit Ghost-type Pokémon with its Regular- and Preventing-type strikes whereas ignoring accuracy drops. Bloodmoon Ursaluna additionally boasts a potent Regular-type signature transfer, Blood Moon, which has 120 base energy and 100 accuracy with the downside that it could actually’t be chosen on consecutive turns in battle. Its low Pace stat makes it a first-rate candidate for Trick Room groups, the place it could actually thrive with companions equivalent to Cresselia, Farigiraf, and Sinistcha. Trainers usually equip it with the Throat Spray merchandise for a Sp. Atk increase after utilizing Hyper Voice, enhancing its harm output.

With the ability to be taught Earth Energy alongside its Regular-type assaults provides Bloodmoon Ursaluna extra protection for supereffective harm towards the Metal sorts and Rock sorts that resist its Regular-type assaults.

Similar to its Hisuian counterpart, Bloodmoon Ursaluna might be an enormous menace underneath a Trick Room surroundings in Regulation Set E—and in contrast to its brethren, it has the benefit of not being as hindered by Intimidate customers.

Kind: Water/Metal
Key Strikes: Air Slash, Brine, Flash Cannon, Flip Flip, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Icy Wind
Frequent Held Objects: Assault Vest, Life Orb, Sitrus Berry
Most well-liked Capacity: Aggressive

Empoleon, now with entry to the Aggressive Capacity rather than Defiant, capitalizes on its sturdy Sp. Atk stat to punish overuse of the favored Intimidate Capacity. Its Water and Metal typing gives many resistances with only some weaknesses, countering a number of threats from the earlier format. Empoleon’s Flash Cannon offers excessive harm to common Pokémon equivalent to Flutter Mane, and its Icy Wind contributes to Pace management. The mixture of Air Slash and a Water-type transfer gives glorious protection towards Grass-type Pokémon—together with Heatran, which is often given Grass as its Tera Kind.

Gamers might wish to go for the Assault Vest merchandise to bolster Empoleon’s Sp. Def stat whereas benefiting from a full 4 offensive strikes, or a Life Orb to maximise its offensive potential with the Aggressive Capacity. Sitrus Berries may lengthen Empoleon’s longevity whereas it gives invaluable Pace management to assist its workforce.

The rise of Grass-type Pokémon like Ogerpon and Rillaboom—particularly with their entry to Grassy Glide—doesn’t assist Empoleon to return as freely into Regulation Set E as it could like, however with some good Terastallizing, it has the instruments unconventionally bypass these threats and turn out to be a outstanding determine within the new format.

Kind: Fairy/Ice
Key Strikes: Aurora Veil, Blizzard, Encore, Icy Wind, Moonblast
Frequent Held Objects: Focus Sash, Mild Clay
Most well-liked Capacity: Snow Warning

Making its Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet debut within the DLC, Alolan Ninetales turns into a beneficial climate setter underneath Regulation Set E. Its Snow Warning Capacity summons snow for 5 turns, providing a defensive increase to Ice-type Pokémon. With a excessive Pace stat, Alolan Ninetales excels at organising Aurora Veil to boost the workforce’s defensive capabilities. It leverages its Fairy and Ice typing with Blizzard and Moonblast for highly effective assaults, whereas strikes like Icy Wind and Encore present extra assist and disruption choices.

One factor that Alolan Ninetales might battle towards is the inflow of different climate setters able to stopping using Aurora Veil. There’s already excessive motivation to invoke harsh daylight to assist increase the facility of Paradox Pokémon with Protosynthesis, and there are a variety of Water-type Pokémon that may thrive with assist from the Drizzle Capacity or Rain Dance. If Alolan Ninetales faces obstacles like this, it doesn’t carry the defensive stability to commonly win out in a climate battle. Nonetheless, Alolan Ninetales is price maintaining a tally of as Regulation Set E unfolds!

Underneath the evolving Regulation Set E, these are a number of the Pokémon partnerships that we might even see.

  • Cresselia and Ursaluna
    Cresselia units up Trick Room for Ursaluna, a fearsome bodily attacker strengthened by Guts. Security Googles and Lunar Blessing additionally supply essential assist.

  • Politoed and Ludicolo
    Politoed’s Drizzle Capacity prompts Ludicolo’s Swift Swim Capacity, making a rain-based offensive technique.

  • Chien-Pao and Ogerpon
    Chien-Pao’s Sword of Damage Capacity enhances Ogerpon’s offensive capabilities, notably when holding a Hearthflame Masks.

  • Sinistcha and Iron Fingers
    Iron Fingers helps Sinistcha’s Trick Room or Calm Thoughts methods with Faux Out and pairs properly towards a few of Sinistcha’s largest threats underneath the twisted dimensions.

  • Gothitelle and Ogerpon
    Ogerpon’s use of Observe Me, Spiky Protect, and U-turn gives distinctive assist for Gothitelle’s Trick Room setup.

  • Iron Bundle and Hearthflame Masks Ogerpon
    Iron Bundle helps Ogerpon with Pace management and Freeze Dry for Water-type threats.

Regulation Set E guarantees to be an thrilling and difficult format for Pokémon Trainers. Adapting to the inflow of recent and returning Pokémon might be daunting, however keep in mind that innovation usually stems from experimentation and studying from each successes and failures. Embrace the evolving metagame and forge your path to success in Regulation Set E. Better of luck, Trainers, as you showcase your modern workforce compositions in upcoming occasions over the subsequent few months!

Lee Provost
Lee is a VGC competitor, caster, and content material creator. After competing at his first occasion in 2009 on the UK Nationwide Championships, Lee went on to many high finishes within the aggressive scene, together with two third place Nationals finishes, a number of Regional Prime Cuts, and a seventh place end on the 2014 World Championships in Washington D.C. In more moderen years, Lee has centered on creating on-line content material. He joined the reside commentary workforce for VGC streams in 2017.

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