Have a good time the Magical Pokémon with the Mismagius Quiz


Just in time for Halloween, Mismagius is swooping into the highlight, desirous to torment and tantalize. As the topic of the most recent Uncover Pokémon Collectively marketing campaign, we’ve discovered quite a bit about Mismagius over the previous few weeks. From a Past the Pokédex episode dedicated to Mismagius to a Mismagius marathon on Twitch—to not point out an look in Pokémon: Path to the Peak—this hauntingly intriguing Pokémon has emerged from the shadows to thrill followers the world over. Because the season of scares is upon us and nothing is extra terrifying than a pop quiz, it’s time to check what we’ve discovered about Mismagius.

Reply the questions under and tally up your right solutions to find out simply how effectively you understand the Magical Pokémon.

  1. Which Pokémon evolves into Mismagius?

  1. By which video video games did Mismagius first seem?

  1. In Past the Pokédex, which Pokémon fanatic is planning on dressing as Mismagius for Halloween?

  1. What kind of stone do it is advisable to use to acquire Mismagius via evolution within the video video games?

  1. In Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, which Fitness center Chief battles with Mismagius?

  1. In Pokémon: Path to the Peak, Mismagius is which Pokémon Coach’s accomplice?

  1. What was the identify of the Pokémon the Collection episode that Mismagius first appeared in?

  1. Within the 2020 Pokémon TCG San Diego Regional Championships, Masters Champion Justin Bokhari’s deck featured a Mismagius with what Potential?

  1. Since there isn’t a Ghost kind within the Pokémon TCG, what kind does Mismagius often seem as?

  1. In “The Mysterious Mismagius,” which Pokémon does Mismagius save from an indignant Scovillain?

  1. Which Pokémon TCG growth did Mismagius make its debut in?

  1. In Pokémon the Collection, which Sinnoh Fitness center Chief battles with Mismagius?

  1. Which three assaults does Iono’s Mismagius use in opposition to challengers?

How effectively are you aware the highly effective, the playful, the perplexing Mismagius throughout its animation, online game, and Pokémon TCG appearances? Give your self one level for every right reply. Add up your factors and see how you probably did within the chart under.

0–4 factors: Your journey as a Mismagius Coach is simply starting. Have a fast Mismagius examine session and check out once more.

5–8 factors: Like Spruce and Maple, you’re no Mismagius novice, however it’s best to brush up with Past the Pokédex if you wish to turn out to be an knowledgeable.

9–11 factors: You’re like Celestine—positively a Mismagius Coach, however you and Mismagius might at all times be taught extra.

12–13 factors: Congratulations! You’re a Mismagius grasp like Fitness center Leaders Iono and Fantina!

Seeking to enhance your quiz efficiency? Watch Pokémon: Path to the Peak, “The Mysterious Mismagius,” and episodes of Pokémon the Collection on Pokémon TV.

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