Artwork of the Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—151 Enlargement

Now that the newest Pokémon Buying and selling Card Recreation enlargement, Scarlet & Violet—151, has arrived, it’s time to dive in and discover a number of the wonderful art work adorning the playing cards. We’ve highlighted a number of the small tales being instructed in these playing cards, the distinctive types utilized in every art work, and extra!

Would you consider that Scarlet & Violet—151 is the primary enlargement the place Jigglypuff has appeared as a Colorless kind by itself particular person card since 2012? That doesn’t imply that this card lacks any of the colour that Jigglypuff playing cards historically function, although! Illustrator saino misaki has a knack for showcasing cute Pokémon with even cuter backgrounds, and so they’ve finished the identical right here because the delightfully spherical Jigglypuff appears up at a rainbow in a meadow of colourful flowers.

Mankey is commonly portrayed swinging on a tree department or two, however the background for this card and its Evolution, Primeape, are a bit completely different. In a method that’s harking back to retro comedian ebook artwork, Mankey gestures at an attractive sundown in a seemingly tropical surroundings, whereas Primeape is on the bottom at nighttime—maybe an implied development of Evolution between the 2 playing cards based mostly on day and night time. The colours used for the sky will also be seen as matching the attitudes of those Pokémon, with the colourful pink symbolizing Mankey’s curious power and the shallow inexperienced emphasizing Primeape’s stern demeanor.

Simply take a look at these two. Slowpoke and Slowbro are out having fun with a calming day close to the water with no care on the planet. Is the Slowbro within the second card the identical Pokémon because the Slowpoke within the first card, moments after its tail was bitten by a Shellder within the blue lagoon? Solely OKACHEKE is aware of for certain, however what we do know is that this artist’s gentle model actually accentuates the carefree nature of those wonderful Pokémon.

Yuka Morii was tasked with showcasing Magnemite and Magneton in her basic modeling clay model, and we’ve been energized by her beautiful artwork as soon as once more. It’s simple to give attention to the immaculately modeled Magnemite and Magneton, however the background images showcasing these Pokémon is equally wonderful. Magnemite seems to be photographed in a yellow energy room, whereas Magneton is amongst a big array of metal pipes. Might they be working their very own energy plant?

There’s in all probability a narrative being instructed right here, however we don’t know the place to begin. Tomokazu Komiya’s tendency to make use of a variety of colours alongside closely illustrated backgrounds is an ideal match for Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar, who could have a fame for being troublemakers. That power is completely captured all through with Gastly’s curious stare upon a swirl of wind, Haunter’s mischievous investigation of an enormous metropolis, and Gengar’s nearly triumphant smile amongst a gaggle of fellow spirits.

Elevate your fist up excessive and cheer! Hitmonchan raises its glove towards the sky because the solar shines dynamic rays by means of the art work. Our eye is straight away drawn to the middle of the art work with each the solar and the clearly proud Hitmonchan as its topic. The intense scene is flanked by palm timber in an island-like surroundings, doubtless a wonderfully quiet place for Hitmonchan to coach for its subsequent struggle.

As a prehistoric Pokémon, Aerodactyl is as terrifying as it’s superior, and Shinji Kanda captures that nicely because it rampages by means of a forest with what appears like a devastating Hyper Beam. We talked about this card in our first Scarlet & Violet—151 preview article, however the art work is so unimaginable that we needed to function it once more. Not solely does Aerodactyl recall to mind a kaiju tearing by means of a metropolis, however its stature additionally seems enhanced in measurement thanks partially to the three-segmented background of the black sky and the blue and brown mountains.

Worry the facility of Mewtwo. Illustrator AKIRA EGAWA is understood for drawing Pokémon with dynamic motion traces that always breathe additional life into the character. She’s even drawn Mewtwo previously as a Pokémon V-UNION, with the art work break up up throughout 4 playing cards. This rendition of Mewtwo is in a equally “metropolis punk” kind setting with vibrant lights and towering buildings. In case you take a look at the corners of the art work, although, you’ll be able to see shards of glass and what look like tubes flying as Mewtwo workouts its psychic energy with a menacing glare.

There are a lot extra playing cards with nice illustrations within the Scarlet & Violet—151 enlargement. Preserve an eye fixed out as you open your booster packs—you may simply uncover a brand new favourite!

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