Umbreon Is Now Accessible in Pokémon UNITE


Channel your Internal Focus as Umbreon in Pokémon UNITE! Like Espeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon, the Moonlight Pokémon begins every match as Eevee earlier than it evolves into Umbreon throughout battle. However in contrast to its fellow Eevee Evolutions, Umbreon is a Melee Defender with a little bit of moxie to its title—put together to unleash Imply Look, Snarl, and Foul Play as this Darkish-type Pokémon. You possibly can acquire Umbreon for 12,000 Aeos cash or 575 Aeos gems on the Unite Battle Committee Store. Umbreon will solely be obtainable with Aeos gems for the primary seven days of its launch.

Umbreon is becoming a member of the fray, however there’s much more on the horizon for followers who’re over the moon for Eevee and its Evolutions. Get pleasure from Eevee in every single place through the Eevee Pageant with Eevee Enchantment-o-rama battles—particular fast battles wherein solely Eevee can take part! Eevee will likely be scattered everywhere in the map, and Gigantamax Eevee will make an look too. Throughout this occasion, gamers will be capable to earn fabulous prizes, together with Unite license puzzle items for Espeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon. Gamers can even be capable to fashion their favourite Eevee Evolutions with discounted Checkered Holowear. The Eevee festivities will happen till Thursday, June 22, at 4:59 p.m. PDT.

Learn on to be taught extra about every little thing Umbreon has to supply and to choose up a number of ideas earlier than basking within the moonlight on Aeos Island.

When Eevee could be shoved, thrown, or left unable to behave, that impact is negated. This Skill goes on cooldown after it’s triggered.

When Umbreon could be shoved, thrown, or left unable to behave, that impact is negated. For a short while, Umbreon additionally turns into resistant to hindrances, and its Protection and Sp. Def are elevated. This Skill goes on cooldown after it’s triggered.

Umbreon’s fundamental assault turns into a boosted assault with each third assault, lunging at an opposing Pokémon and dealing injury. This boosted assault additionally restores Umbreon’s HP. The decrease Umbreon’s remaining HP, the extra HP is restored.


Eevee shoots star-shaped rays, dealing injury to opposing Pokémon and making use of a mark to them. Eevee’s motion velocity is elevated when it’s close to marked opposing Pokémon. When Eevee offers injury to marked opposing Pokémon, its subsequent fundamental assault turns into a boosted assault.

Pretend Tears

Eevee feigns crying, dealing injury to close by opposing Pokémon and reducing their Protection and Sp. Def whereas granting Eevee a protect.

Imply Look

Umbreon pins an opposing Pokémon with a darkish, arresting look. For a short while, the opposing Pokémon turns into surrounded by a black zone, which it can’t go away. Whereas Umbreon is within the black zone, its fundamental assaults grow to be boosted assaults, and it offers elevated injury. Imply Look may be upgraded to extend the black zone’s period.

Foul Play

Umbreon expenses, dealing injury to opposing Pokémon it hits and reducing their motion velocity. If the cost hits an opposing Pokémon, Foul Play can be utilized once more. If Foul Play is used once more, Umbreon sweeps in entrance of itself with its tail, dealing injury to opposing Pokémon it hits, reducing their motion velocity, and shoving them. The second stage of Foul Play offers elevated injury based mostly on the Assault of the opposing Pokémon hit within the first stage. The upper their Assault, the upper the injury. Foul Play may be upgraded to make Umbreon’s subsequent fundamental assault after Foul Play grow to be a boosted assault.


Umbreon makes a want for an ally Pokémon. For a set period of time, that ally Pokémon receives diminished injury, then afterward, the want comes true and restores HP to that Pokémon. If the focused ally Pokémon is knocked out earlier than the want comes true, a distinct ally Pokémon close to it takes the want as a substitute. Want may be upgraded to additional scale back the injury acquired by the focused ally Pokémon—in addition to enhance the quantity of HP restored when the want comes true.


Umbreon yells as if ranting about one thing, dealing injury to opposing Pokémon within the space round it and reducing their Assault, Sp. Atk, and motion velocity whereas additionally granting Umbreon a protect. Umbreon continues to yell for a set period of time, then it lets free a last shout, leaving opposing Pokémon within the space round it unable to behave and additional reducing their Assault and Sp. Atk. The Assault and Sp. Atk decreases can stack. Snarl may be upgraded to extend the size of time the ultimate shout leaves opposing Pokémon unable to behave.

Umbreon regularly recovers HP when it’s not in fight. Umbreon additionally leaps up and absorbs the shields of opposing Pokémon within the space round it, taking them for itself. Then, Umbreon lands, dealing injury to opposing Pokémon within the space of impact and leaving them unable to behave. For a short while afterward, when an opposing Pokémon within the space of impact is granted a protect, Umbreon absorbs a portion of it and takes it for itself.

Melee Defenders want to remain within the motion and make area for his or her much less sturdy and fewer cell teammates. Umbreon is a singular Melee Defender that focuses much less on hindering opposing Pokémon and extra on therapeutic with its boosted assaults and with Want—all whereas making its method by way of opposing Pokémon with Foul Play and Snarl. These strikes permit Umbreon to concentrate on diving in and knocking out opposing Attackers whereas utilizing self-healing to keep away from being knocked out itself.

Umbreon ought to often keep away from attacking bulkier Pokémon like Blastoise, however Umbreon’s Unite Transfer, Moonlight Prance, can take nice benefit of Pokémon with giant shields. At greater ranges, Blastoise’s Unite Transfer, Hydro Hurricane, grants Blastoise an enormous protect that enables it to dive into the enemy backline with out concern. When Umbreon makes use of Moonlight Prance, Umbreon can instantly steal away that protect, successfully stealing a few of Blastoise’s HP for itself.

Foul Play permits Umbreon to chase down most Pokémon, however Mew’s excessive mobility makes it tough for Umbreon to chase down the New Species Pokémon. Mew additionally has long-range strikes, like Photo voltaic Beam and Electro Ball, that may take down Umbreon in a one-on-one battle. As Umbreon, it’s finest to focus on Mew with further backup and further hindrances. In any other case, it may be difficult to strain the Ranged Attacker with Snarl, Foul Play, or Imply Look.

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