Regigigas Pokémon GO Raid Battle Suggestions

Showing in Raids: Could 24, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. to June 1, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. native time

Final Appeared in Raids: July 18, 2021

Regigigas is a Regular-type Legendary Pokémon initially found within the Sinnoh area. It’s mentioned that Regigigas created different Pokémon from totally different supplies earlier than it moved the continents to the place they’re in the present day. Study which Pokémon will probably be handiest in Raid Battles towards Regigigas, the best way to catch Regigigas after successful a Raid Battle, and the way finest to make use of the Colossal Pokémon after you’ve caught it.

As a Regular-type Pokémon, Regigigas has just one vital vulnerability: Combating-type assaults. When deciding on Pokémon on your Regigigas Raid Battle lineup, it helps to decide on Pokémon which have each a Combating-type Quick Assault and Charged Assault if you wish to deal as a lot harm as potential. Combating-type Pokémon utilizing Combating-type assaults will profit from a same-type assault bonus, which is able to enable these assaults to deal an extra 20% harm.

When you have a number of Pokémon that know Combating-type assaults, select the Pokémon with the very best CP and finest general stats. Keep in mind that pace of victory impacts what number of Premier Balls you’ll obtain on the conclusion of a profitable Raid Battle, so convey your strongest Combating varieties and defeat Regigigas as rapidly as you’ll be able to.

  • Machamp / Shadow Machamp (Combating)

    • Quick Assault: Counter (Combating), Karate Chop (Combating)*

    • Charged Assault: Shut Fight (Combating), Cross Chop (Combating), Dynamic Punch (Combating), Submission (Combating)*

  • Blaziken / Shadow Blaziken / Mega Blaziken (Hearth/Combating)

  • Breloom (Grass/Combating)

  • Hariyama / Shadow Hariyama (Combating)

    • Quick Assault: Counter (Combating)

    • Charged Assault: Shut Fight (Combating), Dynamic Punch (Combating), Superpower (Combating)

  • Lucario (Combating/Metal)

    • Quick Assault: Counter (Combating)

    • Charged Assault: Aura Sphere (Combating), Shut Fight (Combating), Energy-Up Punch (Combating)

  • Conkeldurr (Combating)

    • Quick Assault: Counter (Combating)

    • Charged Assault: Dynamic Punch (Combating), Focus Blast (Combating)

  • Cobalion (Metal/Combating)

    • Quick Assault: Double Kick (Combating)

    • Charged Assault: Shut Fight (Combating), Sacred Sword (Combating)*

  • Terrakion (Rock/Combating)

    • Quick Assault: Double Kick (Combating)

    • Charged Assault: Shut Fight (Combating), Sacred Sword (Combating)*

  • Virizion (Grass/Combating)

    • Quick Assault: Double Kick (Combating)

    • Charged Assault: Shut Fight (Combating), Sacred Sword (Combating)

  • Keldeo (Water/Combating)

    • Quick Assault: Low Kick (Combating)

    • Charged Assault: Shut Fight (Combating), Sacred Sword (Combating)

  • Buzzwole (Bug/Combating)

    • Quick Assault: Counter (Combating)

    • Charged Assault: Energy-Up Punch (Combating), Superpower (Combating)

* An Elite Quick TM or an Elite Charged TM is often required to show this Pokémon this assault.

After a Regigigas raid, you’ll have a restricted variety of Premier Balls you need to use to catch Regigigas, so make each rely. You may earn additional Premier Balls for battling with buddies and defeating Regigigas extra rapidly.

In an encounter with Regigigas, your likelihood of catching it’s biggest when the goal ring is sufficiently small so that you can rating Wonderful Throws. Throwing Curveballs can enhance your possibilities much more. However work inside your skills—in case you do not suppose you’ll be able to reliably make Wonderful Curveball Throws, goal for Good Throws or Nice Throws reasonably than danger lacking the goal ring fully.

Regigigas isn’t going to make it simple on you by sitting nonetheless when you’re making an attempt to catch it. Don’t waste your Premier Balls by throwing whereas it’s transferring round. Watch Regigigas to get a really feel for its cycle of motion and the pauses in between the cycles. Throughout one in every of these pauses, anticipate the goal ring to reappear, after which throw because it begins to develop smaller to extend your odds of constructing a Nice Throw or an Wonderful Throw.

Berries will help you catch Regigigas. A Razz Berry will make Regigigas simpler to catch, and a Golden Razz Berry will make it a lot simpler to catch. If you end up failing to land any throws, a Nanab Berry will calm Regigigas, making its actions much less erratic and permitting you make exact throws extra simply. In the event you want additional Regigigas Sweet, utilizing a Silver Pinap Berry will make Regigigas simpler to catch and grant you additional Sweet whenever you catch it.

Buddy Pokémon with a Buddy Degree of Nice Buddy or greater have the Catch Help Perk. If a Pokémon—even a Legendary Pokémon—deflects a Poké Ball, your buddy may bounce it again for a second catch alternative!

Like all Legendary Pokémon, Regigigas is difficult to catch, so don’t be discouraged if it escapes. Get a second wind by stocking up on helpful objects—like Max Potions, Max Revives, and Golden Razz Berries—and take a look at once more.

Regigigas’s Preliminary CP Vary: 2,389–2,483

Regigigas’s Preliminary CP Vary with Climate Increase: 2,987–3,104

Accessible Quick Assaults: Hidden Energy (Regular), Zen Headbutt (Psychic)

Accessible Charged Assaults: Focus Blast (Combating), Giga Impression (Regular), Thunder (Electrical)

As a Regular-type Pokémon, Regigigas doesn’t have an innate benefit when attacking different varieties, however it’s proof against Ghost-type assaults. Regigigas’s strengths lie in its excessive most CP—one of many highest in Pokémon GO—in addition to an eclectic array of obtainable assaults.

Regardless of these benefits, Regigigas just isn’t thought of a prime contender in Raid Battles or the GO Battle League. As a result of Regular-type assaults aren’t tremendous efficient towards every other varieties, Regigigas isn’t the perfect choose in comparison with Pokémon that may make higher use of their same-type assault bonus. Whereas the present slate of assaults that Regigigas can be taught doesn’t overcome the truth that it will probably’t take full benefit of that bonus, it could possibly be taught totally different strikes sometime that may make it extra viable in battle. For that motive, it might be properly price it to catch further Regigigas to fill up on Regigigas Sweet. As well as, this can be a nice alternative for Trainers so as to add an elusive entry to their Pokédex!

Good luck along with your subsequent Raid Battle, and keep in mind to verify for extra Pokémon GO, online game, and Pokémon TCG ideas.

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