Chandelure Is Now Accessible in Pokémon UNITE


Ignite your subsequent struggle on Aeos Island with Chandelure in Pokémon UNITE! Chandelure begins every match because the little Litwick earlier than evolving into Lampent and eventually the extraordinary Chandelure. This Ranged Attacker from the Unova area is called the Luring Pokémon, however it would have the opposition fleeing from its highly effective, scorching assaults. You’ll be able to get hold of Chandelure for 12,000 Aeos cash or 575 Aeos gems on the Unite Battle Committee store. Chandelure will solely be obtainable with Aeos gems for the primary seven days of its launch.

Learn on to study extra about every little thing this Pokémon has to supply and to select up just a few ideas earlier than making your declare to flame as Chandelure on Aeos Island.

When the Pokémon offers injury to opposing Pokémon, its subsequent assault partially ignores the opposing Pokémon’s Sp. Def. This impact can stack as much as 8 instances most.

The Pokémon’s primary assaults develop into a boosted assault at any time when a set period of time passes, dealing injury to opposing Pokémon it hits, lowering their motion velocity, and leaving them burned.


Litwick shoots out a small flame, dealing injury to opposing Pokémon it hits, lowering their motion velocity, and leaving them burned. For a short while after Ember is used, it may be used once more.

Evening Shade

Evening Shade makes opposing Pokémon within the space of impact see a daunting mirage, dealing injury to them and marking them. When Litwick offers injury once more to marked opposing Pokémon, these Pokémon are left unable to behave for a short while.


Lampent shoots an intense blast of fireplace within the designated route, dealing injury to opposing Pokémon it hits and leaving them burned. The tip of the blast explodes, dealing elevated injury. If the explosion hits an opposing Pokémon, Flamethrower’s cooldown is lowered. Flamethrower may be upgraded in order that when the explosion on the finish of the blast hits an opposing Pokémon, Lampent offers elevated injury for a short while.


Lampent throws consecutive flames in an arc into the designated space as much as 3 instances, dealing injury to opposing Pokémon they hit and leaving them burned. When a flame hits an opposing Pokémon, Lampent positive aspects one warmth power. If Overheat is used once more, Lampent shoots out an exploding flame, dealing injury to opposing Pokémon it hits primarily based on the quantity of Lampent’s warmth power and leaving them burned. After utilizing the follow-up assault, Lampent can not use primary assaults for a short while. Overheat may be upgraded to cut back its cooldown.


Chandelure creates a zone of mysterious energy, in addition to mirages of floating furnishings—reminiscent of tables and chairs—inside it. Any opposing Pokémon that is available in contact with a mirage takes injury and has its motion velocity decreased. Opposing Pokémon that step on the zone’s border may also have their motion velocity decreased. Poltergeist may be upgraded to strengthen the motion velocity lower utilized to opposing Pokémon.


Chandelure creates a zone in entrance of itself. The primary opposing Pokémon caught in it would develop into unable to maneuver, and all opposing Pokémon in or that enter the zone develop into imprisoned and can’t use strikes. Imprison may be upgraded so that each one opposing Pokémon caught within the zone when it’s created will develop into unable to maneuver.

Chandelure seals the realm round itself in darkness and obscures opposing Pokémon’s imaginative and prescient for a short while. If Ignite Midnight is used once more, Chandelure repeatedly fires a beam of fireplace in a chosen route, dealing injury to opposing Pokémon it hits. The beam may be directed whereas fired, and its remaining blast offers elevated injury.

Ranged Attackers excel at dealing injury to Melee characters which have bother closing the space between themselves and their targets. And with Poltergeist and Imprison—each of which create zones that hinder opposing Pokémon—Chandelure particularly is usually a nightmare for Melee Attackers that don’t have further motion choices. Plus, with Flamethrower’s cooldown being lowered when the top of its blast hits an opposing Pokémon, Chandelure can combo with the hindrances its zones create to dish out extra injury.

Machamp has all of the muscle mass on the earth, however it famously struggles to shut the space towards Ranged Attackers. Chandelure’s Poltergeist makes it extraordinarily tough for Machamp to get shut if Submission is on cooldown. And even when Machamp can use Submission, Chandelure can typically keep at a protected vary in staff fights and ignite the opposition with Flamethrower or Overheat.

Chandelure and Espeon are each Ranged Attackers with excessive injury, however Espeon can extra simply land a stun utilizing Psyshock and Psybeam, giving it a key benefit in one-on-one battles. And because of its vary, Espeon may also keep away from Chandelure’s Poltergeist and Imprison zones. Nonetheless, if Chandelure is ready to catch Espeon with Imprison earlier than Espeon has an opportunity to land a Psychock, then the Luring Pokémon may have the benefit.

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