Stunfisk and Galarian Stunfisk “Metal” the Present in Pokémon GO Restricted Analysis Day


Steel your self for a stun-sational day of analysis with the Pokémon GO Stunfisk Restricted Analysis Day on April 23, 2023, from 2:00 to five:00 p.m. native time. Throughout this time, Trainers can spin Photograph Discs at PokéStops to get new Subject Analysis duties. Full assignments to earn an encounter with Stunfisk or Galarian Stunfisk—there’s even a risk you’ll encounter a Shiny one! Different Pokémon that can seem extra ceaselessly within the wild in the course of the occasion embrace Sandshrew, Diglett, Gligar, Swinub, Phanpy, Larvitar, Numel, Barboach, Baltoy, Hippopotas, and Drilbur.

If you end up questioning what to do with all of the unimaginable Stunfisk you encounter, take into account powering up a Galarian Stunfisk for the GO Battle League. This Floor- and Metal-type Pokémon is taken into account among the finest Pokémon to carry to the Nice League, and it can be a terrific addition to your Extremely League lineup. Its bulk, twin typing, and wonderful moveset make it well worth the funding of Sweet and Stardust to energy up. To earn as a lot Stunfisk Sweet as potential, use these Pinap Berries when encountering Stunfisk and Galarian Stunfisk.

Keep grounded, Trainers!


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